7 Visa Refusals’ Reasons by Foreign Education Consultants in Chandigarh

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7 Visa Refusals’ Reasons by Foreign Education Consultants in Chandigarh

As a foreign education aspirant, it is disheartening to obtain a refusal letter from the immigration authority. It seems like a nightmare. You just put your hands on your forehead thinking about your mistakes. You reach the dilemma of what to do now. This is a frustrating situation that can hurt you a lot. So be wise before applying for your study visa for any country. You can skip this situation taking care of seven potential points that can become a barrier to your visa approval. Being one of the best foreign education consultants in Chandigarh, we researched to know common reasons for student visa rejections. Eventually, we find a few genuine reasons that can affect your student visa.

  • Failure to Meet the Academic Criteria
  • Inadequate Educational Documents 
  • Incorrect and incomplete Information
  • Irrelevancy in the Chosen Program of study
  • Insufficient Documents to prove the financial credibility
  • Unable to give specific reasons for choosing a particular course
  • Incentives towards returning back to India

Failure to Meet the Academic Criteria

This is the initial stage situation where students need to fulfill the academic criteria of university/college. As a student, you should have all the educational documents which are required as per the guidelines of the institution. You must have a relevant educational background as per your chosen study program. Also, your obtained marks in your academics also matter a lot. Furthermore, you should also have an authenticated English Test Report Form with minimum scores as per the instructions. You can pursue this from any best foreign education consultants in Chandigarh. If you fulfill the requirements of the institution only after that you can reserve your seat in the institution. In case, if you get the failure to meet the academic criteria then you get two options. Either you should improve your scores or pursue a language or short-term course. It helps you to prepare for the next level. 

Inadequate Educational Documents 

There are many students who face visa rejections due to their inadequate educational documents. This is one of the issues that should be taken seriously to avoid study visa rejection. If you are claiming to have any academic degree or achievement then you should have sufficient documents to prove it. Otherwise, you can receive a visa refusal letter from the immigration authority. As the best study visa consultants in Chandigarh, we advise you to create a portfolio to arrange all your necessary educational documents. So that it would be handy to deal with your documents. Prove your educational background with authenticated and sufficient educational documents. It will definitely support your profile. 

Incorrect and Incomplete Information

Be careful, before providing any information while filling your university application form and visa application form. Otherwise, it can lead you to face visa rejection. Several students face the same issues and regret later after getting refusal. Any incomplete or incorrect information is lethal for your study visa. It can ruin your aspirations and future plans. Ensure all the details that you fill in application forms are correct and as per your documents. If it is not so then it will definitely become a barrier to your pathway. Hence, we suggest you take assistance from the best foreign education consultants in Chandigarh to avoid visa rejection circumstances. 

Irrelevancy in the Chosen Program of Study

It will definitely affect your study visa if your previous education is irrelevant to your further education plans. The interviewer will ask several questions to you regarding your future study plans and connections between previous and further studies. If you give satisfactory answers to the interviewer only after that you will get your study visa. Otherwise, you will face visa rejection. So it is a must to choose a relevant study program that has a strong connection to your previous study background. Also, you must have proper knowledge of your stream. If it is not so then you must do proper research about the basics of your stream so that you can crack the interview. For better results, you must take help from the best study visa consultant in Chandigarh for your interview preparation. 

Insufficient Documents to Prove the Financial Credibility

This is one of the major points that should be transparent to the immigration authority. You should provide sufficient financial documents to prove the credibility of your financial status. It supports and strengthens your profile. You can add the documents including ITR, bank statements, scholarship letter, loan approval letter, affidavit of sponsorship, and CA reports. The higher funds you show the higher chances you get to receive your study visa. It will ensure your financial capacity to deplete on your living, education, and traveling in a foreign country. Hence, it is our advice to take help from the best foreign education consultants in Chandigarh. 

Unable to Give Specific Reasons for Choosing a Particular Course

As mentioned above, students must select the course as per their interest and educational background so that they can appropriately justify their selection of study program to the interviewer. If they get a failure to give satisfactory answers regarding their selection of study programs, it can affect their study visa. So it is necessary to clear your vision towards your studies as it will aid you to get your visa. During your interviews, you should be confident enough to justify your vision of studies. Also, you should mention it clearly in your Statement of purpose in a convincing manner. For better assistance, you must visit the best foreign education consultants in Chandigarh.

Incentives towards Returning Back to India

Your story that you tell the immigration officer is the mirror of your vision, thoughts, and mindset. If you are planning to settle down in a foreign country then it will be mixed up in a few confusing words of your story. The immigration officer will recognize it and refuse your study visa application. Hence, it is the must to create a convincing story that can clearly tell that you are a genuine applicant and willing to return back to your home country after completing your studies. As one top visa consultants in Chandigarh, we assist the students to avoid visa refusal chances. You can take help from our expert advisors to successfully get your study visa. 

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